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We The Gentlemen Of Quality

Are a brotherhood dedicated to the principles of leadership, service, and scholarship. We seek the academic, social, and cultural enhancements of our communities, irrespective of race, color, creed, and religion. We recognize, respect, and affirm the diverse backgrounds that bring us together to positively impact the NYU community. We aspire to set standards that will be built upon by future leaders. Through these principles, we strive to keep inspiring and nurturing a Gentleman's spirit.

Welcome To The Gentlemen Of Quality

The Gentlemen of Quality is focused on promoting the highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood, and citizenship according to the principles of the organization. We aim to accomplish this by:

  • Providing an atmosphere that will permit members to grow in academic strength, community involvement, and social fulfillment, while recognizing the individuality of each.
  • Upholding the traditions and ideals of the Academic Achievement Program and New York University.
  • Promoting true brotherhood and a better social life among all with whom the members may be associated, both within and without the organization.
  • Taking an active and positive role in the university community Encouraging and promoting the development of NYU's men into gentlemen.
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GQ Member Spotlight


Apr 2015


Chevaun Samuels

Email: cs3674@nyu.edu




College Of Arts & Science

Expected Graduation Date:



As Community service director of GQ, Chevaun organizes monthly community service events, which adheres to our pillars of leadership, service, and scholarship. Chevaun continually seeks to foster community engagement by his continuous involvement within our surrounding communities.

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